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Revolutionizing Ceramic Creation: The Rise of 3D Clay Printing

In the realm of art and design, innovation often takes center stage, transforming traditional mediums and inspiring new possibilities. 3D clay printing is a prime example of this creative revolution, seamlessly blending the age-old art of ceramics with the cutting-edge technology of 3D printing. Unlike traditional ceramic techniques, which often involve tedious and messy processes, […]

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Futurium Installation: Printed Tower

Editorial: Studio Sven pfeifferfArchitecture,BerlinBy: Admin, Studio Sven Pfeiffer The installation PRINTED TOWER in the new museum FUTURIUM in Berlin investigates the use of innovative manufacturing methods for the production of complex architectures and new methods for the interaction between man and machine.  In an additive manufacturing process, individual components are produced from a biodegradable and […]

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Building Digital Ceramics

Editorial: Minho School of Architecture, PortugalBy: Admin, AC Lab MinhoImages provided by Paulo Cruz. ‘Building Digital Ceramics’ exhibits a set of elements developed in the Advanced Ceramics R&D Lab of Minho School of Architecture between 2016 and 2018.  The elements where developed with the aim of exploring the integration of computational tools and additive manufacturing processes in […]

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Ceramic Feedstock

Editorial: Imerys Ceramics, world leading supplier of industrial mineral solutions and kiln furnitureBy: Admin, Imerys CeramicsImages provided by Imerys Ceramics. Imerys Ceramics presents EZ Print 3D™ , its newly launched range of ceramic feedstocks for additive manufacturing, alternatively named 3D printing. Imerys Ceramics has developed a tailored plastic ceramic feedstock for material extrusion (FDM) technology suitable […]

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Seremik, the new Swiss 3d ceramics studio

Editorial: Seremik is the St. Gallen-based Rapid Pottery plant that was founded by Olaf Egner By: Admin, Semerik Swiss, Images provided by Seremik Swiss and public record. Olaf experiments in his Swiss studio with ceramic housings and vessels for electronics, lighting and audio. One of Seremik’s central goals is the development of open ensembles, in […]

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Editorial: VormVrij is the Dutch Company renowned for their LUTUM® 3D clay printers. By: Admin, online LUTUM store It Appears this summer all mayor clay printer brands are presenting new Machines. The latest addition is from the Dutch company VormVrij 3D known for their benchmark setting LUTUM® printers. The first Prototype of the LUTUM® v4 […]

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Robotically 3d printed clay bodies

Author: DigifabTuring Edited by: Marlieke Wijnakker Co-de-iT cluster focuses on computational design, digital fabrication, robotic automation and material research, for the development of applications in the fields of Architecture, Design and Art. Co-de-iT is presenting a selection of robotically 3d printed clay bodies, designed and produced inside the digifabTURINg initiative. The pieces represent instantiations of […]

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First Dutch store with 3D printed Ceramic

Author: Irene van Domburg Edited by : Marlieke Wijnakker In the charming and historic town called Brielle Cerabeau opens the first 3D-printed ceramics store in the Netherlands. Entrepreneur and artist Ron van Domburg started 35 years ago as a software developer. The creative and innovative process fascinated him immensely. However, this became overshadowed when his company grew more […]

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APUJAN Concept Store by Architchen

author: Yao van den Heerik original source: RenJie Huang and HanYuan Tsao, Using Parametric design and 3D clay printing for functional ceramics Architchen studio was founded in Taiwan at the end of 2015 by RenJie Huang and HanYuan Tsao. They are enthusiastic in new technologys and making. Their intention is to look for the esthetics […]

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Ceramic Morphologies

Author: MaP=S Group Ceramic Morphologies: 3D Printed Pavilion from MaP+S on Vimeo. Ceramic Morphologies explores the design opportunities of a novel ceramic 3d printing strategy. The project was developed by researchers and students from the Material Processes and Systems (MaP+S) Group at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Supplemented with production and material research […]

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Research for doctoral thesis

author: Emre Can edited by Marlieke Wijnakker How can we use ceramic printing as a shaping method in ceramic art? Emre CAN, born 1984 in Bozüyük (Turkey) has been intested in ceramics since 2002. He completed his undergraduate education at Afyon Kocatepe University, Ceramics Department in 2007. In 2008, he started his post graduate education […]


Porcelain from the printer: tradition meets disruption

By: Yao van den Heerik Project Sponsored by PHASE XI Germany PHASE XI is a project from the Competence Center for the Cultural and Creative Industries of the Federal Government of Germany within the framework of the Cultural and Creative Industries Initiative and is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.   The […]



Edit: Yao van den Heerik The Constitute is a Berlin based agency founded by Sebatinan Piatza and Christian Zöllner  They constitute units precisely selected on the expertise that is necessary to run a project. They work like this in their own artistic projects as well as in commissioned works. They teach, give workshops,and create and share […]

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Colored porcelain printing

author: Marlieke Wijnakker Experiments of an artist Sanver Özgüven, a ceramic artist and assistant professor in Turkey, recently completed his Ceramics PhD at Hacettepe University Fine Art Institute. In 2015 he was awarded at the Dumlupinar Ceramic Competition ‘Keramika’ and in 2016 at the 5th International Young Ceramists Tile Competition he received the Filo Incentive […]

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Mass production with LUTUM 3D Clay Printers

VormVrij 3D in cooperation with Unfold Edit by: Marlieke Wijnakker, Video: YouTube Channel , Website VormVrij 3D Netherlands based 3D Clay Printer manufacturer VormVrij® 3D use their own commercial machines for small production series and unique pieces. They sell their Printers through the webstore on their site. The products discussed in this article are from […]

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Ceramo One, hi Precision ceramics printer from Kwambio.

Official press release from Kwambio Ltd. Ukraine. Edit: Yao vd Heerik. To be announced at CES 2018: Kwambio Brings Maximum Precision to 3D Printing of Ceramics NYC-based startup Kwambio developed its very own high precision 3D printer, Ceramo One®, specifically for 3D printing of ceramic objects. They are going to present it at CES in […]

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Featured story: Daniel Maillet Art editions

Author: Daniel Maillet, English translation by Esmeralda Mattei, Italian revision by Roland Schram Sculptures printed in clay and sintered in high temperature This article delves into the theme epitomised by the Walter Benjamin’s essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. The twentieth century has been par excellence the century of bi-dimensional […]

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Ceramic 3D Printing KIT coming to KickStarter!

Editorial: Anatoly Berezkin from the recently found Stoneflower3d clay printer company is delighted to present his ceramics 3d printing kit. The kit will be available at kickstarter soon. It consists of a piston driven Cartridge connected to the Auger operated Extruder by tube. It can handle a slightly diluted clay and a wide variety of […]

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3D Clay Printing: a threat or opportunity?

Author: Marlieke Wijnakker Hanil Company promotes Clay Printing in South Korea HANIL is a Korean company highly specialized in all ceramic industry fields, producing and marketing frits, glazes, inks and ceramic colours. They provide technological innovations necessary for a successful progress. At the 2017 craft exhibition in South Korea HANIL presented Vormvrij’s 3d Clay Printer. […]

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2018 | Two Day clayprinting workshop with a LUTUM, Netherlands

3D Clay Printing Basics at VormVrij HQ, Afferden, Netherlands Marlieke wijnakker Januari 20– 21 two-day session (starts Saturday 9 a.m.) In onze nieuwe 3d kleiprint studio bieden we je de mogelijkheid om een eigen ontwerp in combinatie met een 3D scan te maken en te printen. Tijdens deze 2 daagse cursus geven we een korte […]

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Harder Than It Looks : Reflections on Two Years of Clay Printer Design

By: Tom Lauerman All we wanted to do was substitute one material in the 3d printing process for another. A simple exchange of clay in the place of plastic. The hardest work had already been done. Extrusion printing in plastic originated in 1988 and open source plastic 3D printers emerged in the late 2000’s. In […]

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Full Length Feature: the LUTUM® Auger system.

Author: Yao vd Heerik. Owner of VormVrij®|3D clay printer company based in the Netherlands Development of the LUTUM® Auger system. I often get asked why we designed our printer the way we did. Why we use air and auger for clay delivery, why our printer is black, why we want to print with clay. Today […]

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Hans Fouche Presents Warthog Ceramic 3D Printing Solution for End-use Products

Original Author: Davide Sher from Edit by: Yao vd Heerik South African Hans Fouche – the former F1 engineer turned inventor – is at it again with his Fouche 3D Printing venture. After introducing several world-firsts in terms of real size, functional 3D printed objects in plastics – from a vacuum cleaner to a lawnmower – with it’s […]

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3d Clay printing at Nottingham Trent University

Author: Dana Church |  Innovation Consultant at Nottingham Trent University, England, UK. Using a LUTUM XL machine The ‘design hub’ of Enabling Innovation programme at Nottingham Trent University operates as a design consultancy providing local SME businesses access to disruptive digital technologies applied to design and processes, including 3D visualisation and rapid prototyping (including 3D […]

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SEEM[N]EST by Studio UnSeen, Estonia.

Authors: Studio UnSeen Ljudmilla, Georgijeva, Tiia Vahula, Madis Kaasik Coauthors: Newcastle University Experimental Architecture Group. Studio UnSeen is a Tallinn based design practice that explores robotic       manufacturing methods and their implementation in contemporary architecture, interior and product design. Their current focus is on experimenting with 3D printed ceramics, working at the crossroads […]

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Metal DIY clay Extruder from StoneFlower3d

from the stonewflow3d website:  CLAY EXTRUDER Prototype V 1.0 a metal DIY clay extruder from Stoneflower3D   There is a high interest of 3D printing and DIY community in experimenting with new materials and technologies. To contribute and promote this activity we developed a simple, robust and affordable full-metal clay extruder for 3D printing. It […]

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Project “StoneFlower” 3d clay printer

Another large scale 3d printer, available from 2018. “StoneFlower” is a 3D printer developed by Anatoly Berezkin. It uses Liquid Deposition Modeling (LDM) technology. Simply speaking, it builds the objects from materials, which flow under pressure and do not after deposition. They now we experiment with soft clays for ceramics. Technology LDM technique let to print material […]

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3D Potters new Potterbot XLS-1

source: Emerging Objects, 3D Potter  3D printing innovators, Emerging Objects and 3D Potter, have joined forces to introduce a new innovation in robotic ceramic / paste extrusion additive manufacturing technology. Called the Potterbot XLS-1, the printer represents a huge leap in innovation, with build dimensions and speeds that facilitate large scale printing as well […]


The 3D Printing Handbook: No mention of clay extrusion!

This week was announced that 3dhubs launched  theirfirst book: The 3D Printing Handbook. We at received the book today. And it was an interesting read. Unfortunately there is No reference to the use and application of 3d clay printing. (other than a single line in chapter ‘1.2.3 Other’ and even that single line was […]

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3D Printer Compatible Vacuum Mixing Pugmills Coming This Fall

  Additive Manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D Printing has experienced incredible advancements over the last few years. With such advancements comes the demand for a material supply system capable of generating the necessary pressure required to adequately extrude the material through the printing nozzle. Peter Pugger has developed a line of a high compression pugmills […]


ADVANCED CERAMICS R&D LAB at the Design Institute of Guimarães

Author: Paulo Cruz, Bruno Figueiredo The Advanced Ceramics R&D Lab is an emerging laboratory, found in 2016 and based in the Design Institute of Guimarães, Portugal,  which aims to explore the integration of digital additive manufacturing techniques in the architectural design and production processes of ceramic elements for building envelopes. The advent of ceramic 3D printing brought […]

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BASICS OF 3D PRINTING IN CLAY : Armory Art Center Florida

BASICS OF 3D PRINTING IN CLAY Learn all stages of rendering a “printed” ceramic work. Instruction will include the use  of  online software, the 3D ceramic material printer, and an iPad structure scanner. 17F2-C31.3b Wednesday 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM ( Nov 1, 2017 – Dec 20, 2017 ) Instructor: Ronald Shaw Tuition: $ 354.00 […]


XJet announces Carmel 1400 and 700 ceramic 3D printers

Rehovot, Israel –  XJet Ltd., the additive manufacturing company, has launched the breakthrough XJet Carmel AM System product line, comprising the Carmel 1400 and the Carmel 700 AM systems. XJet will exhibit the XJet Carmel 1400 additive manufacturing (AM) system for ceramics and metal at formnext 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany on November 14-17, 2017. Carmel […]

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2 Day clayprinting workshop with a LUTUM, Netherlands

3D Clay Printing Basics at VormVrij HQ, Afferden, Netherlands Marlieke wijnakker October 11– 12 two-day session (starts Saturday 9 a.m.) In onze nieuwe 3d kleiprint studio bieden we je de mogelijkheid om een eigen ontwerp in combinatie met een 3D scan te maken en te printen. Tijdens deze 2 daagse cursus geven we een korte […]

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architectural twisted at Hong Kong University

A team of researchers and students from the HKU Faculty of Architecture working with Holger Kehne from Plasma Studio making a architectural twisted tower out of 2,000 3D-printed terracotta blocks. Every clay block used to build the Ceramic Constellation Pavilion was individually printed in a unique shape and size robotic technology. The team used about […]

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Beautiful 3D printed ceramic lamp Pelo

source: Tom Fereday design The PELO light represents a collaboration between Tom Fereday and ceramic artist Susan Chen. Exploring the use of 3D printed ceramics we attempted to make a piece that would celebrate the unique details and variations of the process. Made from a single extrusion of clay the light reveals its coiled construction produced […]

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Claybot introduces Quickvase, a genarative STL generator for 3dclay printing

Clay objects have been produced for thousands of years. Clay vases are amongst the most valuable artefacts in many historical periods, showcasing the incredible talents of humans in those eras. Printing with clay is a new technique and understanding your medium has been the challenge for creators in any period. In 3D clay printing the […]

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Printed Pots, Joan and Jack Hardie

Joan and Jack Hardie items are for sale at Joan and Jack Hardie live and work in Cumbria, UK, at the edge of the Lake District National Park. Joan and Jack have been creating pots for over 40 years. In 2014 they experimented with printing clay using a 3D printer; this made it possible […]

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Workshop DIY Ceramic 3D Printers: Idyllwild Arts California USA

Build, Experiment, & Collaborate Bryan Czibesz June 18–June 24 Six-day session (begins Sunday 9 a.m.) In this workshop, you will develop a practical understanding of the use and construction of an extrusion-based ceramics 3D printer that can be integrated into existing ceramic studio practices. Begin by either building your own DIY ceramic 3D printer from […]

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eprint3d creates a new line of lamps

Fabrice Faber, owner at eprint3d in Marseille, France, designed a new set of wall mounted Lamps. they were printed with special stoneware formula. complemented with a bright coloured glossy glaze finish they stand out on any wall. The OH30 series:   The OHH series   DAL: And a set of Wall colourful mount lamps Production […]

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Claybot launches at the International Ceramics Festival, July 1st 2017

The team from Claybot journeyed to the lovely seaside town of Aberystwyth in Wales to be part of the International Ceramics Festival 2017. Now in its 18th edition, this wonderful event brings in talented ceramicists from across the globe to demonstrate their skills to an audience equally diverse. Claybot demonstrated one of its first generation […]

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eprint3d RAD collection

Another stunning 3d printed ceramic collection from eprint3d designer Fabrice Faber. the RAD collection. Vases, fruit bowls and soliflores. 3D printing Ceramic (Sandstone) Matte finish exterior / glossy interior or glossy exterior / matt interior. Faber Design Creation and production June 2017. © eprint3d 

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TUB: Hello Robot

Directed by: Prof. Matthias Karch with Nicolai Schlapps Researcher: Magnus Menze ROBOTIC DESIGN LAB | Master Research Project | Hello Robot Technische Universität Braunschweig This project explores the possibilities of using parametric programming and the robot to create shapes, objects and surfaces in clay and ceramic that contradict the industrial standard of a perfectly replicated […]

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3D sculptures in Karlstad

Source, pictures and writing: Magnus Hermansson, Nyheterna P4 Värmland Translation googletranslate, final edit, Yao vd Heerik 3D printed sculptures are exhibited in Karlstad An unusual art combination was presented at the exhibition Clay Coherences in Karlstad, where modern digital technology meets ceramics. It’s about sculptures printed with 3D printers. “The aim is to acquire new tools and […]

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Origami Sake Set by Bre & Co.

The Bre & Co. Sake Set contains a tall, slim bottle and trio of cups, all of which fit together like cells in a honeycomb because of a consistent hexagonal footprint. That hexagonal shape is echoed in the ergonomic thumb rests on each bottle and cup, giving the user a satisfying grip while pouring and drinking. […]

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Sound Surface – Porcelain vases decorated with sound

Thinking like a traditional potter I coded a point in virtual space to spiral and as it grows into the pot shape a three dimensional computer mesh is created linking the points. The surface of the mesh is progressively textured by adding digital sound recording to the growing form. The surface, from base to rim […]

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Innovation + tradition: Art of 3D printed ceramics

In this talk Morten Liisberg Dyrsø breaks the barrier between innovation and tradition. By explaining his handicraft project, he shows how an innovative technology – a 3D printer, can be used to create traditional crafts – ceramics. Nowadays, 3D printing has made its way to every aspect of production. Morten shows the next step in […]


A limited edition for Cos by Olivier Van Herpt

Dutch designer Olivier van Herpt combines cutting-edge technology with natural materials to create intricately textured ceramic vessels. Based in Eindhoven, he has developed pioneering 3D printing and digital fabrication methods honed by years of research and experimentation. In a special commission for COS, Olivier has created a series of five vases using his custom-designed 3D […]

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Gravity powered, The Z-machine !

  Z Machine is a fully mechanical Clay 3D Printer, powered by 20 kilograms of weight. The printer, driven by chains and gears, works as a geometry calculator that prints out an unlimited amount of geometric shapes. The printed clay can then be glazed and fired to become a piece of elegant Crafts.  

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Future Archaeology by Bryan Czibesz

by Bryan Czibesz: Both the potter’s wheel and ceramics 3D printer function as fresh tools of invention, bringing undiscovered opportunities for the material. For Czibesz and Spangler, their tools become an extension of themselves. Czibesz fabricates and customizes his 3D printer, instructing the machine how to mold the clay with digital scans, designs and alterations. Spangler […]


‘Beautiful Minds at Thomas Dane’

source: Thomas dane Galery press release   Whose mind is it anyway? Anya Gallaccio’s ‘Beautiful Minds’ is a self-assembling artwork. Consisting of a 3D printer programmed to produce a scaled effigy of Devil’s Tower – a mountain in Wyoming – it’s a piece which dances between accident and design. Beautiful Minds rest on two conceits, […]

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New LUTUM 3 dual extruder clay 3D printer

Netherlands-based ceramic 3D printing specialist Vormvrij has announced the release of the LUTUM 3, its latest clay-extruding 3D printer. Prices are not yet available, but the company is aiming for a March 2017 release date. Clay 3D printing, a unique area of the additive manufacturing landscape, has its champions and its critics. Most would agree that the […]


ETH ZUrich: Ceramics 3D printed from foams

An electron microscope reveals the fine structure of the 3D-printed ceramic foam. (Image: from Minas et al, 2016, Adv. Materials) ETH researchers have used an additive manufacturing process to print an extremely porous ceramic component. Manufacturing a material of this kind with a 3D printer is a considerable achievement. By:  Peter Rüegg Doctoral student Carla […]

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DeltaWASP 3MT 3D prints clay sculptures up to 1 Meter

Source: WASP, the Italian 3D printing company behind the large-scale BigDelta 3D printer, will present the DeltaWASP 3MT 3D printer at the Argillà International Ceramics Festival in Faenza, Italy. The new 3-meter-tall 3D printer can produce sculptures up to one meter tall. The last few years the Italian 3D printing company WASP produced its eco-friendly, large-scale […]

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Living Prototypes, AHO’s AM research

Digital Clay Fabrication – initial trials with the WASP Deltabot by: William Kempton, The PhD research project, a part of AHO’s continued involvement in research on Additive Manufacturing (AM), aims to investigate the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing, popularly labelled 3D printing, in the field of Product Design. Clay is a mineral which can be shaped and formed […]

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Matter Meddles with Math

Author : Matthias Weber in colaboration with, Malcolm Mobutu Smith. Word from the editor: Matter Meddles with Math was part of a project at Indiana University (Bloomington) with the name “(Re)Imagining Science”, where artists and scientists would collaborate on artistic rendering of scientific objects. The outcome was a small exhibit with works from eight teams, […]

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The PotterBot V4.5 ceramic 3D printer

Ceramic 3D printing company Deltabots has released their latest 3D printer in its line of 3D PotterBot machines. The $7,800 3D PotterBot V4.5 is equiped with DC servo motors and a large build envelope combined with high-volume 5,500 ml extruder.     The PotterBot V4.5, a large machine which can print vessels up to 36″ (914mm) […]

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Emerging Objects: GCODE.Clay

By Ronald Rael GCODE.Clay is a series of objects 3D printed in various clays (porcelain, bmix, terra-cotta, and recycled clay) that explore the creative potential of designing with G-code, the language in which people tell computerized machine tools how to make something. In this case the 3D printer is pushed outside the boundaries of what […]

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Vinegraal, Aceto Balsamico di Modena

Thanks to the achievement of the goal in the Kickstarter campaign, the production of 500 Celebratory Kit of  Aceto Balsamico di Modena started. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 3D Printed Collection Bottles to celebrate 50 years of the Coterie Vinegraal is a porcelain Bottle 3D printed with the DeltaWASP 2040. It has been designed to celebrate […]

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Unfold 3D printing ceramics with ViscoTec extruder

Unfold, a design studio based in Antwerp, Belgium, is using “Fluid Dosing & Deposition” (FDD) 3D printing technology from ViscoTec, a German high-viscosity fluids specialist, in order to print artworks in abrasive materials such as ceramics. Several of its creations are currently for sale. Last August, ViscoTec released its FDD Starter Kit, a 3D printer add-on which […]

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3d-printing with porcelite

Innovative design studio Nervous System, which our readers may remember from its stunning 3D printed kinematics dresses, has recently ventured into the realm of 3D printed ceramics by experimenting with Tethon 3D’s new material called Porcelite. In a blog post about the process of 3D printing with porcelain, Jessica Rozencrantz, one of Nervous System’s founders, outlines the […]

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Column, by Erno Langenberg

Author: Erno Langenberg Edit by: Yao vd Heerik Column 11001111001010011000101000 is an ornamental ceramic column, built out of 26 bespoke 3D printed stacked elements. Erno Langenberg is an architect, researcher and educator based in Amsterdam. He is the founder of the architecture office ELstudio and is currently a researcher in digital fabrication at the Amsterdam […]

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Repurposing Portland stone waste

Author: Marlieke Wijnakker Novi Limestone Printer Instead of creating more waste we have to come up with ideas to diminish the existing pile. Quarrying is an inefficient process with most of the waste created going into aggregates. In an effort to sustainably deal with this high amount of valuable limestone waste, Jack Biltcliffe, in collaboration […]

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Admatec’s new ADMAFLEX 130 ceramic 3D printer

High performance ceramics has been a niche within the 3d printing world, I has proven more difficult to control compared to other competing materials. This can all change in September 2016, when Dutch ceramic 3D printing company Admatec have just announced that their first flagship 3D printer, the ADMAFLEX 130. An industrial-grade 3D printer that […]

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Artist Heather Kegel creates stunning 3D printed ceramics

Source: Hetherkagelart While we have written about a number of 3D printed ceramics products, most of them do not mention the work that goes into making them. This time the Colorado-based ceramist Heather Kegel has provided some background as she shows how she creates her own pieces of 3D printed pottery. instagram As we all […]

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UNFOLD: Artefacts of a New History

Artefacts of a New History Herbert Read stated in 1936 that ‘The real problem is not to adapt machine production to the aesthetics of handicraft, but to think out new aesthetic standards for new methods of production.’ The limited edition Artefacts of a New History (2016) is a collector box featuring nine different intricate ceramic 3d […]

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Steffen Hartwig

From: Today 3D printers are omnipresent. But most of the time they are used to print objects that already exist and to force any material into any shape. That reminds of the arrival of new technologies in the past. When it became possible to build with cast iron in the end of the 19th […]

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Dutch designers use sound to detail 3D printed ceramics

Solid Vibrations is a collaboration between Ricky van Broekhoven and Olivier van Herpt. Ricky specializes in sound design. His projects are often landscapes of noise that live briefly in the mind. To combine the temporal sound driven nature of his work with 3D Printing would let noisescapes become things. A moment in time, a song […]

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Stronger 3D printed ceramics

Author: Marlieke Wijnakker Tethon 3D files patent Leading manufacturer of ceramic powders, Tethon 3D, has recently filed a patent for a 3D printer design that incorporates compression into a powder 3D printer. This design will significantly improve the strength of 3D printed ceramics and perhaps even other powder materials.   Ceramic is a relatively small […]

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WASP new LDM extruder

Author: Marlieke Wijnakker PROFESSIONAL EXTRUDER FOR CERAMIC MATERIALS To promote digital handcraft and self-production, WASP has focused on the development of systems that allow the use of functional materials like ceramics, porcelain, clay, alumine, zirconium and advanced ceramics. As a result of two years of experimenting all the possible combinations of pressure, nozzles and materials WASP has […]

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Build your own ceramic delta 3D printer

source: Jonathan Keep Annoyed and frustrated by 3D Systems buying out and then stopping the production of the RapMan 3D printer. This was the first kit printer Belgian design duo Unfold adapted to print with clay and has subsequently been copied and widely used by others, I decided to develop my own replacement 3D printer. […]

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Tytan 3D launches the GAIA MAXX clay printer

While there is high demand for a wide range of desktop 3D printers, there has also been an increased interest in multi-purpose desktop fabrication machines that can handle a variety of tasks. Poland’s 3D printer maker Tytan 3D, which is led by Polish 3D printing experts Janusz Wojcik and Pawel Rokita have just announced such […]

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Vormvrij 3D, the LUTUM mini clay 3D printer

Source: written by: Alec Though 3D printing in plastic is entering homes, garages and workshops throughout the world, ceramic 3D printing is something you rarely see at those levels. And that is exactly why the work of Dutch design duo Yao and Marlieke of Vormvrij 3D has been so groundbreaking. Earlier this year, they released the […]


Hyrel 3D new extruder for printing with Clay

Atlanta-based Hyrel 3D has created a new extruder, which can print with Clay, Plasticine and even Play-Doh and RTV Silicone. According to Daniel Hutchison of Hyrel 3D, this HYREL Emulsifiable Extruder (EMO1) has several advantages including: The cartridge-based system, which the user can load themselves. The ability to reuse the material. Thus it has a […]

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Clay 3D Printing with Robots

esba TALM Organization & Material : EZCT Architecture & Design Research® Robot software : HAL® Not much information is found about this project from 2015. But the setup is interesting as the robot just uses a standard Air Caulking gun to print clay. More information could be found here

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Transaction Project: ceramics & glassblowing into beautiful 3D printed art

3D printing technology has been finding its way into the hands of more and more artists recently, so it’s great to see more and more 3D printed works of art appearing. But as the Swedish Transaction Project, proves, it’s not just about making something new and fashionable. For as this artistic collaboration reveals, 3D printers […]