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Innovation + tradition: Art of 3D printed ceramics

In this talk Morten Liisberg Dyrsø breaks the barrier between innovation and tradition. By explaining his handicraft project, he shows how an innovative technology – a 3D printer, can be used to create traditional crafts – ceramics.

Nowadays, 3D printing has made its way to every aspect of production. Morten shows the next step in this technological evolution – using this ground-breaking machine in ceramics design. He has decided to interfere with the print, while it was being created. And if you’re not familiar with this technology – don’t worry, the speaker will shortly explain how it works, as well as its pros and cons.

Why does 3D printed handicraft matter? Because it changes the very nature of 3D printing. Thanks to Morten, and other creative engineers like him, 3D printing is slowly transcending its role of a replicating robot, and becomes a tool that can be actively used in new designs. However, as you’ll learn, even this innovative solution has its limits.

As a final word, Morten encourages us to use specialised machines in the creative process. And to not to be limited or blinded by intended purposes, but to breathe your artistic soul into machine’s cogs. Student Talks is a non-profit organization devoted to sharing ideas of the most inspiring students among us. We host events and carefully choose each student speaker based on both the content and quality of the talk, as well as the student’s public speaking abilities.