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Colored porcelain printing

author: Marlieke Wijnakker Experiments of an artist Sanver Özgüven, a ceramic artist and assistant professor in Turkey, recently completed his Ceramics PhD at Hacettepe University Fine Art Institute. In 2015 he was awarded at the Dumlupinar Ceramic Competition ‘Keramika’ and in 2016 at the 5th International Young Ceramists Tile Competition he received the Filo Incentive […]

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SEEM[N]EST by Studio UnSeen, Estonia.

Authors: Studio UnSeen Ljudmilla, Georgijeva, Tiia Vahula, Madis Kaasik Coauthors: Newcastle University Experimental Architecture Group. Studio UnSeen is a Tallinn based design practice that explores robotic       manufacturing methods and their implementation in contemporary architecture, interior and product design. Their current focus is on experimenting with 3D printed ceramics, working at the crossroads […]

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Printed Pots, Joan and Jack Hardie

Joan and Jack Hardie items are for sale at Joan and Jack Hardie live and work in Cumbria, UK, at the edge of the Lake District National Park. Joan and Jack have been creating pots for over 40 years. In 2014 they experimented with printing clay using a 3D printer; this made it possible […]

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Future Archaeology by Bryan Czibesz

by Bryan Czibesz: Both the potter’s wheel and ceramics 3D printer function as fresh tools of invention, bringing undiscovered opportunities for the material. For Czibesz and Spangler, their tools become an extension of themselves. Czibesz fabricates and customizes his 3D printer, instructing the machine how to mold the clay with digital scans, designs and alterations. Spangler […]

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Matter Meddles with Math

Author : Matthias Weber in colaboration with, Malcolm Mobutu Smith. Word from the editor: Matter Meddles with Math was part of a project at Indiana University (Bloomington) with the name “(Re)Imagining Science”, where artists and scientists would collaborate on artistic rendering of scientific objects. The outcome was a small exhibit with works from eight teams, […]

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Artist Heather Kegel creates stunning 3D printed ceramics

Source: Hetherkagelart While we have written about a number of 3D printed ceramics products, most of them do not mention the work that goes into making them. This time the Colorado-based ceramist Heather Kegel has provided some background as she shows how she creates her own pieces of 3D printed pottery. instagram As we all […]

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Dutch designers use sound to detail 3D printed ceramics

Solid Vibrations is a collaboration between Ricky van Broekhoven and Olivier van Herpt. Ricky specializes in sound design. His projects are often landscapes of noise that live briefly in the mind. To combine the temporal sound driven nature of his work with 3D Printing would let noisescapes become things. A moment in time, a song […]

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Build your own ceramic delta 3D printer

source: Jonathan Keep Annoyed and frustrated by 3D Systems buying out and then stopping the production of the RapMan 3D printer. This was the first kit printer Belgian design duo Unfold adapted to print with clay and has subsequently been copied and widely used by others, I decided to develop my own replacement 3D printer. […]