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Futurium Installation: Printed Tower

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By: Admin, Studio Sven Pfeiffer

The installation PRINTED TOWER in the new museum FUTURIUM in Berlin investigates the use of innovative manufacturing methods for the production of complex architectures and new methods for the interaction between man and machine.

LUTUM Extruder with AR10

 In an additive manufacturing process, individual components are produced from a biodegradable and recyclable ceramic material and assembled into larger structures. The material properties are continuously checked against with the degrees of freedom of the robotic printing process: Programmed coincidences, repairs and defects are explicitly part of the developmental process. The design of the individual parts is based on generative algorithms that incorporate the acoustic influences of the environment into the process. These algorithms are translated into virtual geometry and realized by an industrial robot. The repetition, individualization and recombination of modules can lead to different large forms. A small structure is thus created over a longer period of time as a collective experience.

The Project is a collaboration between Sven Pfeiffer, Caroline Hoegsbro and Lara Wischnewski, IMD _institute of Media and Design, TU Braunschweig.

Team: Iman Zangooeinia, Ava Sadeghipour, Daniela Krause,
Esra Oruc, Rolf Starke, Luisa Buchholz

Tower prints
surface patterns

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