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Workshop DIY Ceramic 3D Printers: Idyllwild Arts California USA

Build, Experiment, & Collaborate

Bryan Czibesz

June 18–June 24
Six-day session (begins Sunday 9 a.m.)

In this workshop, you will develop a practical understanding of the use and construction of an extrusion-based ceramics 3D printer that can be integrated into existing ceramic studio practices. Begin by either building your own DIY ceramic 3D printer from parts and an open-source knowledge base or building the knowledge necessary to build and use one after the workshop. Then, you will develop digital design strategies–from simple to complex–that allow you to return to working directly with clay, printing 3D printed parts in clay and then developing strategies for combining them with thrown, handbuilt, and cast additions.

Through building machines and developing hybrid methodologies that facilitate direct play between digital and hand processes, this workshop will provide you with tools to integrate digital technologies into your studio practice and ceramics curricula.

Skill Level: All levels of ceramics; intermediate understanding of digital software required, digital 3D modeling experience is not

Tuition: $735

Lab fee with printer: $575, includes clay and incidentals, parts required for one extrusion-based ceramic 3D printer. After workshop, printer will require power outlet and 3 gallon/100psi minimum air compressor

Lab fee without printer: $65, includes clay and incidentals, access to studio 3D printer; you may be asked to purchase and bring additional materials

Materials List: Download here.

Ceramics & Hot Clay Welcome Letter: Download here.

Enrollment limited to 8 students.

Bryan Czibesz is an artist grounded in the tradition of object making who has equal interest in working with his hands, tinkering, and digital processes. He earned his MFA from San Diego State University and BA from Humboldt State University, and has conducted workshops in ceramics and 3D printing around the country. Bryan is currently assistant professor of Art in Ceramics at SUNY New Paltz.