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3D Clay Printing: a threat or opportunity?

Author: Marlieke Wijnakker Hanil Company promotes Clay Printing in South Korea HANIL is a Korean company highly specialized in all ceramic industry fields, producing and marketing frits, glazes, inks and ceramic colours. They provide technological innovations necessary for a successful progress. At the 2017 craft exhibition in South Korea HANIL presented Vormvrij’s 3d Clay Printer. […]

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3D Printer Compatible Vacuum Mixing Pugmills Coming This Fall

  Additive Manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D Printing has experienced incredible advancements over the last few years. With such advancements comes the demand for a material supply system capable of generating the necessary pressure required to adequately extrude the material through the printing nozzle. Peter Pugger has developed a line of a high compression pugmills […]

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Claybot introduces Quickvase, a genarative STL generator for 3dclay printing

Clay objects have been produced for thousands of years. Clay vases are amongst the most valuable artefacts in many historical periods, showcasing the incredible talents of humans in those eras. Printing with clay is a new technique and understanding your medium has been the challenge for creators in any period. In 3D clay printing the […]

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Repurposing Portland stone waste

Author: Marlieke Wijnakker Novi Limestone Printer Instead of creating more waste we have to come up with ideas to diminish the existing pile. Quarrying is an inefficient process with most of the waste created going into aggregates. In an effort to sustainably deal with this high amount of valuable limestone waste, Jack Biltcliffe, in collaboration […]

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3D printing branches out with new clay-based filament for ceramics

Lay-Ceramic – overview If you own a printer and like to experiment, get ready to freak out! You can now squeeze ceramic objects through the nozzle of your 3D printer. The creation of Lay-Ceramic is inspired by enthusiasts like Dries Verbruggen (Unfold) who is working with his porcelain paste extruders since some years. Lay-Ceramic – […]