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3D Printer Compatible Vacuum Mixing Pugmills Coming This Fall

 Additive Manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D Printing has experienced incredible advancements over the last few years. With such advancements comes the demand for a material supply system capable of generating the necessary pressure required to adequately extrude the material through the printing nozzle. Peter Pugger has developed a line of a high compression pugmills capable of mixing, deairing and extruding materials made up of various ingredients i.e. food, metal, ceramics, etc. directly through the printing nozzle.There are several advantages to this type of system and are as follows:

– Material can be loaded and homogenized when the machine is in the “Mix” mode.

– Vacuum can be applied to the entire machine (existing patent) to deair material prior to extruding.

– Extrude from the machine via a high pressure auger design directly through the 3D Printing nozzle.

– Heating capability can be applied using a 2 zone temperature controller on the barrel and machine nozzle.

– Machine designed to allow removal of 3D Printing auger extension, 3D extension spool and 3D adapter from machine.

– No need to disassemble the 3D material canister to reload material.

– Eliminates the risk of air being introduced into the system as a result of reloading outside machine.

High Compression PugmillHigh Compression PugmillPeter Pugger’s complete line of 3D Printer Compatible Vacuum Mixing Pugmills will be availabe late 2017.