3D clay printer

The most versatile digital sculpting tool for ceramists, researchers and educators. Designed for potters and currently regarded as THE 3d Clay Printer for Professionals.

The LUTUM® clay printer is designed with the user in mind. It is a sustainable, easy to maintain piece of machinery developed to last a long time. It is made from 4mm thick steel plating, high grade aluminium extrusion and stainless steel components. We tried to use a minimum of plastic parts to make the machine as environmentally friendly as possible. We believe in longevity, easy repairs with standard parts and compatibility with future upgrades to keep all our equipment up to date. The result is a machine that is loved by many and used in a wide variety of environments.

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INTRODUCING the LUTUM® M series clay Printers!

The 4M  3dprinter was developed in 2021 to meet the requirements of the innovative Clay enthousiast and a great asset to a potters studio.

The standard system has the minimum requirements while keeping our valued print quality intact. The result is a form factor with a big enough print volume for the average user while incorporating our efficient eco extruder bundle for demanding extrusion capabilities. It has a set of upgrade possibilities that can be added (in a later stage) if more power,  speed or workflow integration is needed.

because of its popularity it is the only machine we have in stock for immediate dispatch.

LUTUM 4M 3d Clay Printer

The 5M 3dceramicsprinter is the little brother of the high end LUTUM® 5. It has all the great features of the large printer but in a smaller form factor and a maximum use of 1 extruder. It is the reliable pottery production unit but also the perfect tool within a laboratory environment


Who is using VormVrij® | 3D equipment?

Over the years VormVrij has build an impressive list of professionals using our equiment. A reference  selection of esteemed clients can be found on the right.
If you like to know where around the world our LUTUM printers are stationed follow the link below.

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Find a LUTUM® 3D printer that works for you.

The LUTUM® 3D clay printer family and accessories are part of the extended line of 3d ceramic printers and equipment we offer. In this LUTUM® part of our website we focus on professional, educational and small bussiness users. Within this range of configurations there should be a perfect solution for you.


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Our products

VORMVRIJ® Parts and accessories.

From our webstore we supply a small range of essential parts to increase functionality and improve workflow. You can also find spare parts or upgrades for existing systems.


The economicalHigh quality Clay Extruder.

With the introduction of our new Budget clay extruder in 2020 we opened the door for high quality clay extrusion on other printers and robot arms. This extruder can also be installed on any of our LUTUM® 3D clay printer types.
The Eco extruder is a workable solution that provides expected high quality print results for the smaller DIY projects or the experimental clay print setup.
A full product review can be found in our blog under “Knowledge & News’, follow the link below.

Projects, case studies and real world solutions.

We have supplied various artists, ceramic studios and universities with a new tool to expand the existing clay shaping methods. From sustainable livelyhood of a youth project in the Brazilian woods to a fast production line in Romania and experimental work created at an American University.

sculpting a torso from a scan

Our passion
Is 3d printing a way of life or simply the future?

When it comes to 3d printing of Clay, yes, for us it is more than just creating intricate or bold objects. Clay is available everywhere and can easily be re-used so there is no waste. And the print files can instantly be shared worldwide so we look forward to the day people from various countries will combine their ideas.

LUTUM v8 extruder connected to robotic arm
About VormVrij

Consider this
before you decide.

Our webstore is a general representation of the goods, parts and services we can provide. It is useful for quick references and the acquisition of accessories. You can also order full machines. Before you invest in a printer it is best to contact us first, to check if the solutions we provide are best suited for your needs.

Even though our LUTUM® 3D clay printer is semi standalone equipment (it requires compressed air and 110v/220v to operate), you will need a proper ceramics studio environment to unlock the full potential of your purchase.

Think about Clay preperation, Post processing with glazes and Firing your end products in the correct kiln size. Even though we do not offer these goods in our web store we are happy to provide you with advice regarding the required infrastructure around your LUTUM® Pro or LUTUM® v4 machine.

LUTUM 4.3 3d clay printer
Education is key

About The founders of VormVrij.

The LUTUM® 3d clay printer was not conceived for commercial production. It was developed as a solution for us to print with clay. A clean and friendly material. We have no background in ceramics, nor did we know much about 3d printing. But through persistent research into the various challenges we encountered we were able to design a reliable and easy to use machine. After several requests we realized we would never have enough time to utilize the endless possibilities and decided to provide it to ceramists. As a result we now serve potters, universities and research centers around the world!

Printing food

Support & Answers.

In this section we try to provide solutions for the most common questions you might have when you start using our equipment.

We do not provide proprietary software solutions with our printers, there are many (free) software packages that can interact with 3d printers. The same can be said for 3d drawing or CAD software. However, to quickly start we offer some background on basic slicing principles which are covered here:SOFTWARE

There are many Clay types available, while they all have their own specific formulas, most will work with our printer. Some background on common issues:CLAY

You need assistance about a mechanical question:MECHANICAL

Best practices and detailed background of basic printing principles:USABILITY

LUTUM 4 line drawing