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Editorial: VormVrij is the Dutch Company renowned for their LUTUM® 3D clay printers. By: Admin, online LUTUM store It Appears this summer all mayor clay printer brands are presenting new Machines. The latest addition is from the Dutch company VormVrij 3D known for their benchmark setting LUTUM® printers. The first Prototype of the LUTUM® v4 […]

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Mass production with LUTUM 3D Clay Printers

VormVrij 3D in cooperation with Unfold Edit by: Marlieke Wijnakker, Video: YouTube Channel , Website VormVrij 3D Netherlands based 3D Clay Printer manufacturer VormVrij® 3D use their own commercial machines for small production series and unique pieces. They sell their Printers through the webstore on their site. The products discussed in this article are from […]

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Harder Than It Looks : Reflections on Two Years of Clay Printer Design

By: Tom Lauerman All we wanted to do was substitute one material in the 3d printing process for another. A simple exchange of clay in the place of plastic. The hardest work had already been done. Extrusion printing in plastic originated in 1988 and open source plastic 3D printers emerged in the late 2000’s. In […]

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Full Length Feature: the LUTUM® Auger system.

Author: Yao vd Heerik. Owner of VormVrij®|3D clay printer company based in the Netherlands Development of the LUTUM® Auger system. I often get asked why we designed our printer the way we did. Why we use air and auger for clay delivery, why our printer is black, why we want to print with clay. Today […]

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3d Clay printing at Nottingham Trent University

Author: Dana Church |  Innovation Consultant at Nottingham Trent University, England, UK. Using a LUTUM XL machine The ‘design hub’ of Enabling Innovation programme at Nottingham Trent University operates as a design consultancy providing local SME businesses access to disruptive digital technologies applied to design and processes, including 3D visualisation and rapid prototyping (including 3D […]

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Metal DIY clay Extruder from StoneFlower3d

from the stonewflow3d website:  CLAY EXTRUDER Prototype V 1.0 a metal DIY clay extruder from Stoneflower3D   There is a high interest of 3D printing and DIY community in experimenting with new materials and technologies. To contribute and promote this activity we developed a simple, robust and affordable full-metal clay extruder for 3D printing. It […]

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Project “StoneFlower” 3d clay printer

Another large scale 3d printer, available from 2018. “StoneFlower” is a 3D printer developed by Anatoly Berezkin. It uses Liquid Deposition Modeling (LDM) technology. Simply speaking, it builds the objects from materials, which flow under pressure and do not after deposition. They now we experiment with soft clays for ceramics. Technology LDM technique let to print material […]

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Claybot launches at the International Ceramics Festival, July 1st 2017

The team from Claybot journeyed to the lovely seaside town of Aberystwyth in Wales to be part of the International Ceramics Festival 2017. Now in its 18th edition, this wonderful event brings in talented ceramicists from across the globe to demonstrate their skills to an audience equally diverse. Claybot demonstrated one of its first generation […]

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DeltaWASP 3MT 3D prints clay sculptures up to 1 Meter

Source:  Wasproject.it WASP, the Italian 3D printing company behind the large-scale BigDelta 3D printer, will present the DeltaWASP 3MT 3D printer at the Argillà International Ceramics Festival in Faenza, Italy. The new 3-meter-tall 3D printer can produce sculptures up to one meter tall. The last few years the Italian 3D printing company WASP produced its eco-friendly, large-scale […]

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Living Prototypes, AHO’s AM research

Digital Clay Fabrication – initial trials with the WASP Deltabot by: William Kempton, The PhD research project, a part of AHO’s continued involvement in research on Additive Manufacturing (AM), aims to investigate the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing, popularly labelled 3D printing, in the field of Product Design. Clay is a mineral which can be shaped and formed […]

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Unfold 3D printing ceramics with ViscoTec extruder

Unfold, a design studio based in Antwerp, Belgium, is using “Fluid Dosing & Deposition” (FDD) 3D printing technology from ViscoTec, a German high-viscosity fluids specialist, in order to print artworks in abrasive materials such as ceramics. Several of its creations are currently for sale. Last August, ViscoTec released its FDD Starter Kit, a 3D printer add-on which […]