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Mass production with LUTUM 3D Clay Printers

VormVrij 3D in cooperation with Unfold Edit by: Marlieke Wijnakker, Video: YouTube Channel , Website VormVrij 3D Netherlands based 3D Clay Printer manufacturer VormVrij® 3D use their own commercial machines for small production series and unique pieces. They sell their Printers through the webstore on their site. The products discussed in this article are from […]

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UNFOLD: Artefacts of a New History

Artefacts of a New History Herbert Read stated in 1936 that ‘The real problem is not to adapt machine production to the aesthetics of handicraft, but to think out new aesthetic standards for new methods of production.’ The limited edition Artefacts of a New History (2016) is a collector box featuring nine different intricate ceramic 3d […]

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Transaction Project: ceramics & glassblowing into beautiful 3D printed art

3D printing technology has been finding its way into the hands of more and more artists recently, so it’s great to see more and more 3D printed works of art appearing. But as the Swedish Transaction Project, proves, it’s not just about making something new and fashionable. For as this artistic collaboration reveals, 3D printers […]

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Printing Things Book by Unfold

Happy to announce that our book Printing Things, Visions and Essentials for 3D-Printing is finished, off to the printing press and available now for preorder at Gestalten. We’ve worked hard over the last several months to compile this book together with Gestalten. Featuring over 100 projects from various artists, designers and makers exploring a new wave […]

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Unfold uses ceramic 3D printing to create unusual works

Belgian Design Studio Unfold started extruding ceramic materials with a RepRap one year ago. In their recent post they gave an overview of some of the stuff they have been printing in porcelain. If you look at the carafe & cups pictured above it is difficult to believe all these were printed on an open […]