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Building Digital Ceramics

Editorial: Minho School of Architecture, Portugal
By: Admin, AC Lab Minho
Images provided by Paulo Cruz.

‘Building Digital Ceramics’ exhibits a set of elements developed in the Advanced Ceramics R&D Lab of Minho School of Architecture between 2016 and 2018.


 The elements where developed with the aim of exploring the integration of computational tools and additive manufacturing processes in the design and production of ceramic architectural components.

Open structures

It presents a significant number of specimens that were used for: testing the optimal plasticity degree of the ceramic paste for 3D printing; evaluating the formal constraints inherent to the layer-by-layer extrusion process and exploring the use of composite materials.


It also includes a set of prototypes that demonstrate the potential of architectural application of ceramic components produced by additive manufacturing.

You are welcome to visit our Exhibition which will be running until January 4, in the “Capela” room, on the ground floor of EAUM.

Inside out

source and images: Advanced Ceramics Lab Minho