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Artist Heather Kegel creates stunning 3D printed ceramics

Source: Hetherkagelart

While we have written about a number of 3D printed ceramics products, most of them do not mention the work that goes into making them. This time the Colorado-based ceramist Heather Kegel has provided some background as she shows how she creates her own pieces of 3D printed pottery. instagram

As we all know, pottery, one of the world’s oldest forms craft, is traditionally made either by hand shaping, with the help of a mould or a press or using a throwing wheel to form clay into the  desired shape. These clay objcets are then fired in a kiln to transform the clay into pottery, after which they can be finished with glaze, paint, or both.

In recent years 3D printing technologies are taken a bigger role in pottery making, with a number of innovative engineers, designers, and artists using this technology to create their work.

Heather Kegel has made that leap and she’s been using a DIY delta inspired variant to create a series of beautifully designed porcelain pieces. If we understand correctly, she creates the pieces using Blender 3D modeling software, which she translates to her ceramic 3D printer. According to Kegel, she can produce 4 to 5 inches piece in about 15 minutes.

Before she can 3D print thepieces she must prepare the porcelain clay, which can be a time consuming process, taking several hours every couple of days.
But the clay preparation, is what brings a significant aspect of hand-crafting back into the 3D printed pottery and what makes her products unique.

Fortunately, every piece of pottery Kegel makes is still unique. Kegel: “The aspect of uncertainty that is normal for ceramics is still present. Even though I might sit and print the same file over and over again the pieces themselves are never exactly the same.”

Kegel sells her models of 3D printed cups, vases, dishes and more, through her Etsy store. All pieces are painted by hand, and ranges in price between $18 and $45 dollars.