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3d-printing with porcelite

Innovative design studio Nervous System, which our readers may remember from its stunning 3D printed kinematics dresses, has recently ventured into the realm of 3D printed ceramics by experimenting with Tethon 3D’s new material called Porcelite. In a blog post about the process of 3D printing with porcelain, Jessica Rozencrantz, one of Nervous System’s founders, outlines the […]

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Admatec’s new ADMAFLEX 130 ceramic 3D printer

High performance ceramics has been a niche within the 3d printing world, I has proven more difficult to control compared to other competing materials. This can all change in September 2016, when Dutch ceramic 3D printing company Admatec have just announced that their first flagship 3D printer, the ADMAFLEX 130. An industrial-grade 3D printer that […]

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ADMAFLEX 2.0 3D ceramic printers

Author: Marlieke Wijnakker Four new 3D printers started operation this month at the facility of Dutch startup Admatec, a 3D printing company that develops a wide range of printing solutions for ceramics which include material and machine. The company was founded at the end of 2012 by Formatec, ECN and Innotech and developed its ADMAFLEX technology […]