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Futurium Installation: Printed Tower

Editorial: Studio Sven pfeifferfArchitecture,BerlinBy: Admin, Studio Sven Pfeiffer The installation PRINTED TOWER in the new museum FUTURIUM in Berlin investigates the use of innovative manufacturing methods for the production of complex architectures and new methods for the interaction between man and machine.  In an additive manufacturing process, individual components are produced from a biodegradable and […]

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Robotically 3d printed clay bodies

Author: DigifabTuring Edited by: Marlieke Wijnakker Co-de-iT cluster focuses on computational design, digital fabrication, robotic automation and material research, for the development of applications in the fields of Architecture, Design and Art. Co-de-iT is presenting a selection of robotically 3d printed clay bodies, designed and produced inside the digifabTURINg initiative. The pieces represent instantiations of […]

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Ceramic Morphologies

Author: MaP=S Group Ceramic Morphologies: 3D Printed Pavilion from MaP+S on Vimeo. Ceramic Morphologies explores the design opportunities of a novel ceramic 3d printing strategy. The project was developed by researchers and students from the Material Processes and Systems (MaP+S) Group at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Supplemented with production and material research […]

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architectural twisted at Hong Kong University

A team of researchers and students from the HKU Faculty of Architecture working with Holger Kehne from Plasma Studio making a architectural twisted tower out of 2,000 3D-printed terracotta blocks. Every clay block used to build the Ceramic Constellation Pavilion was individually printed in a unique shape and size robotic technology. The team used about […]

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TUB: Hello Robot

Directed by: Prof. Matthias Karch with Nicolai Schlapps Researcher: Magnus Menze ROBOTIC DESIGN LAB | Master Research Project | Hello Robot Technische Universität Braunschweig This project explores the possibilities of using parametric programming and the robot to create shapes, objects and surfaces in clay and ceramic that contradict the industrial standard of a perfectly replicated […]

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Clay 3D Printing with Robots

esba TALM Organization & Material : EZCT Architecture & Design Research® Robot software : HAL® Not much information is found about this project from 2015. But the setup is interesting as the robot just uses a standard Air Caulking gun to print clay. More information could be found here

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Woven clay by Jared Friedmand

Jared Friedmand in collaboration with Olga Mesa and Hea Min Kim Project Abstract: The Standard definitions and models of additive manufacturing, such as those outlined by ASTM (2012), often assume a layer-by-layer deposition of a material onto a flat surface. The research presented looks to explore what alternative formal opportunities that may arise when challenging […]