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Revolutionizing Ceramic Creation: The Rise of 3D Clay Printing

In the realm of art and design, innovation often takes center stage, transforming traditional mediums and inspiring new possibilities. 3D clay printing is a prime example of this creative revolution, seamlessly blending the age-old art of ceramics with the cutting-edge technology of 3D printing. Unlike traditional ceramic techniques, which often involve tedious and messy processes, […]

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Ceramic Feedstock

Editorial: Imerys Ceramics, world leading supplier of industrial mineral solutions and kiln furnitureBy: Admin, Imerys CeramicsImages provided by Imerys Ceramics. Imerys Ceramics presents EZ Print 3D™ , its newly launched range of ceramic feedstocks for additive manufacturing, alternatively named 3D printing. Imerys Ceramics has developed a tailored plastic ceramic feedstock for material extrusion (FDM) technology suitable […]

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Research for doctoral thesis

author: Emre Can edited by Marlieke Wijnakker How can we use ceramic printing as a shaping method in ceramic art? Emre CAN, born 1984 in Bozüyük (Turkey) has been intested in ceramics since 2002. He completed his undergraduate education at Afyon Kocatepe University, Ceramics Department in 2007. In 2008, he started his post graduate education […]

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Featured story: Daniel Maillet Art editions

Author: Daniel Maillet, English translation by Esmeralda Mattei, Italian revision by Roland Schram Sculptures printed in clay and sintered in high temperature This article delves into the theme epitomised by the Walter Benjamin’s essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. The twentieth century has been par excellence the century of bi-dimensional […]

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DeltaWASP 3MT 3D prints clay sculptures up to 1 Meter

Source: WASP, the Italian 3D printing company behind the large-scale BigDelta 3D printer, will present the DeltaWASP 3MT 3D printer at the Argillà International Ceramics Festival in Faenza, Italy. The new 3-meter-tall 3D printer can produce sculptures up to one meter tall. The last few years the Italian 3D printing company WASP produced its eco-friendly, large-scale […]

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Living Prototypes, AHO’s AM research

Digital Clay Fabrication – initial trials with the WASP Deltabot by: William Kempton, The PhD research project, a part of AHO’s continued involvement in research on Additive Manufacturing (AM), aims to investigate the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing, popularly labelled 3D printing, in the field of Product Design. Clay is a mineral which can be shaped and formed […]

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Vinegraal, Aceto Balsamico di Modena

Thanks to the achievement of the goal in the Kickstarter campaign, the production of 500 Celebratory Kit of  Aceto Balsamico di Modena started. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 3D Printed Collection Bottles to celebrate 50 years of the Coterie Vinegraal is a porcelain Bottle 3D printed with the DeltaWASP 2040. It has been designed to celebrate […]

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WASP new LDM extruder

Author: Marlieke Wijnakker PROFESSIONAL EXTRUDER FOR CERAMIC MATERIALS To promote digital handcraft and self-production, WASP has focused on the development of systems that allow the use of functional materials like ceramics, porcelain, clay, alumine, zirconium and advanced ceramics. As a result of two years of experimenting all the possible combinations of pressure, nozzles and materials WASP has […]