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Printing Things Book by Unfold

Happy to announce that our book Printing Things, Visions and Essentials for 3D-Printing is finished, off to the printing press and available now for preorder at Gestalten.

We’ve worked hard over the last several months to compile this book together with Gestalten. Featuring over 100 projects from various artists, designers and makers exploring a new wave of creative 3d printing applications facilitated by the unprecedented lowering of barriers into production. Together with an understandable technical introduction into 3D-printing, we’ve written eight key essays that delve into the complex topics that these paradigm-shifting technologies bring up: Empowerment, The Right to Copy, Interface and Interact, Body Topology, The Aesthetics of Complexity, Building Blocks, Exploring Machines and Materials & Crafting New Industries.
Thank you Sven and Robert from Gestalten for this great opportunity to work on Printing Things, Sarah for cracking the whip and have the book finished on schedule, Floyd for the design. Thank you Tamar for going beyond ‘just’ editing all the submitted project texts and adding valuable insights and context. Thank you to our team at Unfold (Hugues & Penny) for assisting in compiling the long list.

You can buy the book at Amazon (or german edition), Gestalten (or german edition) or ask your favorite bookstore.