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Future Archaeology by Bryan Czibesz

by Bryan Czibesz:

Both the potter’s wheel and ceramics 3D printer function as fresh tools of invention, bringing undiscovered opportunities for the material. For Czibesz and Spangler, their tools become an extension of themselves. Czibesz fabricates and customizes his 3D printer, instructing the machine how to mold the clay with digital scans, designs and alterations. Spangler uses the potter’s wheel as an efficient, tangible method for forming vessels.

His manipulation of the material leaves impressions on the clay. With this unification of two contrasting tools, Czibesz and Spangler demonstrate the intersection between past human activities and cultural materials of the future. Spangler states “we bestow these objects with the power to narrate our experience…” guiding us to locate “where we once were and where we are going.” Together, they question authorship, explore artifacts and present us with dazzling emblems of this process.

From the Greenwich House Pottery Press Release