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Ceramic Feedstock

Editorial: Imerys Ceramics, world leading supplier of industrial mineral solutions and kiln furniture
By: Admin, Imerys Ceramics
Images provided by Imerys Ceramics.

Imerys Ceramics presents EZ Print 3D™ , its newly launched range of ceramic feedstocks for additive manufacturing, alternatively named 3D printing.

Imerys Ceramics has developed a tailored plastic ceramic feedstock for material extrusion (FDM) technology suitable for tableware, giftware and sanitaryware applications.

Printing with EZ Print 3D

This PDM (Paste Deposition Modeling) is designed for the ceramic market by the ceramic market and is the result of extensive discussions with printer users active in academic, Fablabs, designers, individual and industrial segments to understand their specific needs and current limitations.

Both the rheology required by printers and the consistency of the ceramic material properties are paramount to ensure reliable printing conditions. Matching this level of performances is not straightforward without a strong scientific background and an in-depth understanding of ceramic materials behavior.

With more than two centuries of expertise and an efficient R&D team, Imerys Ceramics is able to offer a performing solution making 3DP easier and facilitating market adoption. It is the first ever worldwide ceramic material designed specifically for PDM technology and it is now available.

Easy filling
Clean filling

EZ Print3D™ is supplied in its “plug & play” version as a cartridge to offer users the ultimate easiness and efficiency in printing, as the template below displays. It is also available as a “ready-to-fill” ceramic feedstock upon printers configuration. The benefits of EZ Print 3D™ rely on the uniqueness of genuine low porosity of a porcelain (<0,5%), its low firing temperature (1220°C) compatible with most of the kiln temperature limits and its ready-to-use characteristics: first-in-the-world attributes for this 3D printing technology. The EZ Print 3D™ technology is transposable to earthenware, stoneware and colored feedstocks at different temperatures.

Imerys Ceramics will support the market demand and expand EZ Print 3D™ accordingly as market adoption for 3DP grows. EZ Print 3D™ has proven its performances on various printers available on the market, with successful track record on printers from WASP, VORMVRIJ, 3D Potter and more.

Free of airbubbles

Imerys Ceramics also offers technical support and a dedicated 3DP competent team to assist their customers and to ease their job when struggling in setting the optimum parameters of their printer/software.

For more information : www.imerys-ceramics.com/innovation

source and images: Imerys Ceramics