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Ceramic Feedstock

Editorial: Imerys Ceramics, world leading supplier of industrial mineral solutions and kiln furnitureBy: Admin, Imerys CeramicsImages provided by Imerys Ceramics. Imerys Ceramics presents EZ Print 3D™ , its newly launched range of ceramic feedstocks for additive manufacturing, alternatively named 3D printing. Imerys Ceramics has developed a tailored plastic ceramic feedstock for material extrusion (FDM) technology suitable […]

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Seremik, the new Swiss 3d ceramics studio

Editorial: Seremik is the St. Gallen-based Rapid Pottery plant that was founded by Olaf Egner By: Admin, Semerik Swiss, Images provided by Seremik Swiss and public record. Olaf experiments in his Swiss studio with ceramic housings and vessels for electronics, lighting and audio. One of Seremik’s central goals is the development of open ensembles, in […]

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First Dutch store with 3D printed Ceramic

Author: Irene van Domburg Edited by : Marlieke Wijnakker In the charming and historic town called Brielle Cerabeau opens the first 3D-printed ceramics store in the Netherlands. Entrepreneur and artist Ron van Domburg started 35 years ago as a software developer. The creative and innovative process fascinated him immensely. However, this became overshadowed when his company grew more […]

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APUJAN Concept Store by Architchen

author: Yao van den Heerik original source: RenJie Huang and HanYuan Tsao, architchen.com Using Parametric design and 3D clay printing for functional ceramics Architchen studio was founded in Taiwan at the end of 2015 by RenJie Huang and HanYuan Tsao. They are enthusiastic in new technologys and making. Their intention is to look for the esthetics […]

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Mass production with LUTUM 3D Clay Printers

VormVrij 3D in cooperation with Unfold Edit by: Marlieke Wijnakker, Video: YouTube Channel , Website VormVrij 3D Netherlands based 3D Clay Printer manufacturer VormVrij® 3D use their own commercial machines for small production series and unique pieces. They sell their Printers through the webstore on their site. The products discussed in this article are from […]

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Beautiful 3D printed ceramic lamp Pelo

source: Tom Fereday design The PELO light represents a collaboration between Tom Fereday and ceramic artist Susan Chen. Exploring the use of 3D printed ceramics we attempted to make a piece that would celebrate the unique details and variations of the process. Made from a single extrusion of clay the light reveals its coiled construction produced […]

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Printed Pots, Joan and Jack Hardie

Joan and Jack Hardie items are for sale at thebiscuitfactory.com Joan and Jack Hardie live and work in Cumbria, UK, at the edge of the Lake District National Park. Joan and Jack have been creating pots for over 40 years. In 2014 they experimented with printing clay using a 3D printer; this made it possible […]

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eprint3d creates a new line of lamps

Fabrice Faber, owner at eprint3d in Marseille, France, designed a new set of wall mounted Lamps. they were printed with special stoneware formula. complemented with a bright coloured glossy glaze finish they stand out on any wall. The OH30 series:   The OHH series   DAL: And a set of Wall colourful mount lamps Production […]

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eprint3d RAD collection

Another stunning 3d printed ceramic collection from eprint3d designer Fabrice Faber. the RAD collection. Vases, fruit bowls and soliflores. 3D printing Ceramic (Sandstone) Matte finish exterior / glossy interior or glossy exterior / matt interior. Faber Design Creation and production June 2017. © eprint3d 

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Origami Sake Set by Bre & Co.

The Bre & Co. Sake Set contains a tall, slim bottle and trio of cups, all of which fit together like cells in a honeycomb because of a consistent hexagonal footprint. That hexagonal shape is echoed in the ergonomic thumb rests on each bottle and cup, giving the user a satisfying grip while pouring and drinking. […]

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Vinegraal, Aceto Balsamico di Modena

Thanks to the achievement of the goal in the Kickstarter campaign, the production of 500 Celebratory Kit of  Aceto Balsamico di Modena started. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 3D Printed Collection Bottles to celebrate 50 years of the Coterie Vinegraal is a porcelain Bottle 3D printed with the DeltaWASP 2040. It has been designed to celebrate […]

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Artist Heather Kegel creates stunning 3D printed ceramics

Source: Hetherkagelart While we have written about a number of 3D printed ceramics products, most of them do not mention the work that goes into making them. This time the Colorado-based ceramist Heather Kegel has provided some background as she shows how she creates her own pieces of 3D printed pottery. instagram As we all […]

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Vormvrij 3D, the LUTUM mini clay 3D printer

Source: 3ders.org written by: Alec Though 3D printing in plastic is entering homes, garages and workshops throughout the world, ceramic 3D printing is something you rarely see at those levels. And that is exactly why the work of Dutch design duo Yao and Marlieke of Vormvrij 3D has been so groundbreaking. Earlier this year, they released the […]