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Sound Surface – Porcelain vases decorated with sound

Thinking like a traditional potter I coded a point in virtual space to spiral and as it grows into the pot shape a three dimensional computer mesh is created linking the points. The surface of the mesh is progressively textured by adding digital sound recording to the growing form. The surface, from base to rim […]

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Innovation + tradition: Art of 3D printed ceramics

In this talk Morten Liisberg Dyrsø breaks the barrier between innovation and tradition. By explaining his handicraft project, he shows how an innovative technology – a 3D printer, can be used to create traditional crafts – ceramics. Nowadays, 3D printing has made its way to every aspect of production. Morten shows the next step in […]

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Gravity powered, The Z-machine !

  Z Machine is a fully mechanical Clay 3D Printer, powered by 20 kilograms of weight. The printer, driven by chains and gears, works as a geometry calculator that prints out an unlimited amount of geometric shapes. The printed clay can then be glazed and fired to become a piece of elegant Crafts.