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3d clay printer.

The LUTUM® 4M is the only dedicated 3d clay printer with a stable and variable output, quick cartridge change, Hiwin mechanics, Igus chainlink + data cables and built from heavy 4mm thick powder coated steel parts for maximum print stability.
The LUTUM® 4M is the economical solution for small scale clay 3d printing and was specifically developed for the 3dclay enthousiast with a smaller budget.
This printer has all the printing qualities of its bigger brother but only has space for a single extruder and lacks certain usability features like lights or an external control unit. The Build volume is aproximately 25x25x40cm (LWH).

This machine will be available for delivery from Jule 2021.
There are initilally only be 50 units available.

Assembled by hand and built for you.

It’s our goal to give everyone the opportunity to expand the possibilities of crafting with clay. The LUTUM® 4M is a machine that can make this happen. It’s still made from quality parts, and can grow with you while crossing current boundaries. We hope you can use it to let your imagination run free with different kinds of clay.

While not losing sight of the outstanding build quality we give our products, we were able to significantly lower the construction cost of the LUTUM®4M. Not compromising on print quality we did remove some of the usability extras you can find in our bigger machines.

We are still confident this machine will exceed expectations and will be very competative in the current market in terms of durability, 3dprint quality and customer support.

LUTUM 4 manufacture

Large integraded LCD with SD card support.

This ceramics 3d printer is operated via an integrated LCD unit with an easy to understand menu structure to quickly give your machine the correct command , navigating is done with a conveniant turn dial push button.

Your files (in .gcode format) must be stored on an SD card to be transferred to the 3d printer.

There are several upgrade options available during the selction process in the shop.
You can upgrade to a 4″ touch screen and faster electronics if needed.

Air supply and multi region power supply.

With your 3d clay printer you will receive a standard Warranty card, it is valid for at least 1 year.

The printer can operate with 230v or 110v. Above the air intake is a standard C14 male power socket.
You can give us your desired voltage after ordering your unit. It can always be changed if needed.

The printer supply air coupling is of the standard 14Ka male type (Orion).
You have to supply clean and dry air to this machine to operate correctly. The air pressure is needed to transport the clay into the extruder. You do not need a lot of air, the machine mainly uses the applied force.

A standard (low noise) compressor with a minimum of 8 Bar pressure, a storage capacity of 6 Liter, a moisture trap and a pressure regulator is the minimum requirement.
We normally do not supply a compressor with the printer as it will drive up the shipping cost significantly.
In virtually all instances it will be cheaper to find one locally.

4mm thick powder coated steel construction.

We use heavy powder coated steel in all our equipment to give the printer its excellent printing quality.
This heavy steel absorbs the vibration of the mechanical movement keeping your clay print still while printing layers upon it. This methode delivers the best print quality and enables you to print very delicate and fine structures not possible with other clay printer brands.


The Unique Clay Extruder developed by VormVrij® 3D.

The LUTUM 4M 3dprinter is equipped with a Nylon eco extruder. It is very durable and can print a wide range of clay types with different viscosities.
It can handle grogg to a density of 25% at 0.2mm. All parts can be cleaned with water. For more information read our eco clay extruder page.

Clay Extruder

Print it, quick and easy.

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