Like other studios we sometimes take on assignments to test our equipment.

White glazed ceramic parts.

The outer appearance of these interior decoration parts had to resemble old handwork which is no longer made. To use the printers added value the inside construction was designed to fortify the shape. This made the parts more durable and strong enough to carry a heavy load.

Seremik The Swiss ceramics studio.

Seremik is a studio for art and utility objects. At Seremik, Olaf Egner, his guests and clients print messages and signs in ceramic. Together we are testing a new culture of mechanical production. An economically balanced coalition of man, computer and machine.

Portrait with black clay.

Marlies Krijgsman, renowned Artist, is post processing a larger than life-sized print. As she normally creates Portraits from scratch to her it seemed as though she was merely colouring a drawing made by someone else. The difference between the two can be compared with Photography and Painting. The result was very well received so there is room for both.