The Brutum®
clay printing system

Our Industry Grade Clay Printing Equipment for Robust 3D objects.
video: Lutum 4.5 printers in action at Vito Belgium

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We have supplied various Industries with a new or improved production process for specialised products.

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before investments.

Our webstore is a general representation of the goods, parts and services we can provide. It is usefull for quick references and the acquisition of accessories. You can also order full systems. Before you invest in a printer it is best to contact us first to check if the solutions we provide are the most suitable for your needs.

While our machine is semi standalone equipment (it requires compressed air and 110v/220v to operate), you will need a proper ceramics studio environment to unlock the full potential of your purchase.

Contemplate clay preparation, post processing with glazes and firing your end products in the correct kiln size. While we do not offer those goods in our web store we are happy to provide you with advice about this critical infrastructure surrounding your BRUTUM® or LUTUM® machine.


About us.

The LUTUM® 3d clay printer was not conceived for commercial production. It was developed as a solution for us to print with clay. A clean and friendly material. We have no background in ceramics, nor did we know much about 3d printing. But through persistent research, into the various challenges we encountered, we were able to design a reliable and userfriendly machine. We realized we would never have enough time to explore the endless possibilities and decided to offer it to ceramists. As a result we now serve potters, universities and research centers around the world!


Support & Answers.

In this section we try to provide solutions for the most common questions you might have when you start using our equipment.

Best practices and detailed background of basic printing principles:USABILITY

You need assistance regarding a mechanical question:MECHANICAL

We do not provide proprietary software solutions with our printers, there are many (free) software packages that can interact with 3d printers. The same can be said for 3d drawing or CAD software. However, to quickly start we provide some background on basic slicing principles which are covered here:SOFTWARE

There are many clay types available, while they all have their own specific formulas, most will work with our printer. Some background on common issues:CLAY

But first check our general SUPPORT and ANSWERS page if you are not sure where the issue is!

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