A selection of Projects to illustrate and document the possibilities of printing with Clay.

PrintFarm at VITO Belgium for the production of catalists.

VITO is a pioneer in 3D micro extrusion, a type of 3D printing technology suitable for making porous materials. A specially developed paste made from a ceramic or metallic powder is extruded through a thin needle and deposited in a 3D pattern. By changing []

LUTUM® test station at a large chemical company in Germany.

We were asked to provide a Dual station setup for quick testing of innovative print pastes.

LUTUM® at the test laboratory of Imerys Limoges in France.


Imerys Ceramics launched EZ Print 3D™, a range of ready to use ceramic feedstocks for 3D printing by Paste Deposition Modeling. Available in “plug & play” cartridge and bucket.