Next to our 3d clay print studio we have the manufacture, assembly, storage and packaging facility to build and ship our goods fast and reliable. Our products are hand built with great care.

The BRUTUM® clay System for industry scale production.

An Industrial 3D Clay printer Concept is now available. Depending on configuration and options it is equipped with 2, 4 or 6 Stainless Steel Extruders. It has an easy access interior for custom adjustments and removal of the print with a (hand)pallet truck. Printing is done directly on a removable Pallet holding the Printbed or Kiln shelf. The printer is equipped with a 32 bit electronics system with Wifi access and a 7″ touch screen for manual control. This machine is perfect for printing large ceramic structures or high volume printing of smaller pieces.

The LUTUM® 5 the perfect companion for precision and reliability.

An Industrial version of the LUTUM® PRO is now available. It is equipped with a Stainless Steel worktop, an easy access interior for custom adjustments, heavy duty drivers and motor for the Z-axis and Y-axis movement, all axis have high presision HIWIN rails and the machine is equipped with a 32 bit electronics board with wifi access and a 7″ touch screen. All options of the standard PRO are incorporated. This printer is intended for Laboraty or higher precision clay production. It also suits a more demanding printing environment where many printers are used for mass production of ceramics.

VORMVRIJ® Parts and accessories for optimal functionality and improved workflow.

For easy filling of the clay cartridges we provide custom made pugmill adapters.

Pugmill adapter for LUTUM cartridges